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  Violet, White
Viola incognita
White Violet

Wild Bergamot,White
Monarda fistulosa alba
This fragrant member of the mint family forms dense rounded white flowers atop square stems. It's the same as the lavender monarda fistulosa, but white. Excellent for fresh bouquets and attracts butterflies. It blooms June thru September and grows 2'-4'. Does well in dry to moist soils in sun to partial shade.
Wild Bergamot, White
  Wild Indigo, Cream False
Baptisia leucophaea
Cone shaped cream colored flowers grow atop this plant that has a tendency to grow outward as it grows instead of being a tall plant. Grows best in moist to dry soils in full sun to light shade and grows to a height of 1'-2'. This drought resistant plant blooms May thru June.
  Wild Indigo, White
Baptisia leucantha
This plant has beautiful white flowers along stalks that reach a height of 3'-5'. Grows best in moist to medium soils in full sun to light shade. Blooms June thru August
  Wild Quinine
Parthenium integrifolium
This native plant is considered rare with its aromatic seedheads. A beautiful summer blooming plant that produces white clusters and reaches a height of 2'-4'. This plant grows best in full sun, in fertile to well drained soils.

Yarrow, White
Achillea millefolium
Fern-like foliage with white, compact flower heads. Blooms summer thru fall, and reaches a height of 2'. White yarrow is drought tolerant and is used in dried flower arrangements. This plant can be too aggressive for some gardens.
Yarrow, White

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