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Columbine Cards
Just fill out the form below to send a greeting card to someone special.

1. Greeting Card Image

STEP 1:   Which Greeting Card would you like to send?
(Click a pic to preview it, Fill in dot to select.)













(To see one of the greeting card images fullsize, click on it's thumbnail image and a preview window will open for you.)

2. Background Music
(note: the person you send the card to must have a soundcard and a browser that is capable of playing background music in order to hear it)

STEP 2:   Which piece of music would you like to include?

Listen to this song Click Here




3. Personal Greeting

  • No need to add linebreak or paragraph tags -- just start your text on a new line, and the postcard will put in the appropriate codes automatically.
  • It's okay to use HTML tags for BOLD, ITALICS but use caution. One incorrect tag can prevent ths postcard from functioning properly.

STEP 3:   What message would you like to send?

4. Send the Card or Add More Options

From: (your name)
Your CORRECT email address:
Send to: (name) Recipient's CORRECT email address:

Click here if you'd like to preview and SEND the card now
or if you'd like to include other OPTIONS, continue.

5. Font
Note: The recipient must have the font you choose otherwise their default font will appear.

6. Text and Postcard Colors
Which Setting Do You Wish to Choose a Color For?
Background Text Link Visited Link Active Link

Click on the color below you would like for the setting above.
Want to choose a special color for the background of your postcard? Select the "background" radio button above, and then click on a color in the palette to the left.

To choose a color for the postcard's text, click on the "text" radio button, and then click on the color you'd like to select from the palette.

Repeat for each setting.

7. Textures
Background Texture   <-- (will be filled in automatically)

To select a background texture for your postcard, click on the texture you wish to select below:

Chose a texture but decided you don't want one anymore?  Click here.  
# 1 # 2 # 3 # 14 # 15 # 6
# 10 # 8 # 7 # 4 # 10 # 10
# 1 # 2 # 3 # 9 # 10 # 5
8. Send the Card

STEP 8:   Preview / Mail the Card
Preview postcard first
Send postcard now

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